Privacy Policy of the mobile application « My pet family »

La version française se trouve ici :

By using the application « My pets family », the User agrees to provide a certain amount of personal data.

When the application is used in « local storage » mode, all data is stored on the User’s device, under its entire control.

When the application is used in « cloud » mode, the data is stored both on the user’s device and in a remote database on Firebase:

For this purpose, the User is obliged to provide a valid email address and a password. This data is used only by the User, through the application, to access his personal storage space. They are not the object of any treatment, of any kind by the Editor of the application.

Using Firebase, the cloud-based application user also accepts Google’s privacy policy:

Data retention time

The data provided by the User will be retained for the duration of the use of the application.

Right of access and rectification, right of opposition.

In accordance with the French law « Informatique et Libertés » n ° 78-17 dated 6 January 1978, the duly identified user of the application (see parameter / infos screen) has a right of access, rectification, modification , opposition and suppression of personal data concerning him.
The User may also issue instructions in order to define the conditions of use, retention and communication of his personal data after his death. The instructions given by the User have a limited effect on the data collected in the Application « My pet family » as part of its use.
If the User wishes to exercise these rights, it is sufficient to make a request by attaching its identifier to the following address:

Application Permissions

The application asks for permissions as and when necessary. In this context, the application may request permission to access contacts, photos, and calendar.

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